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The Aegis Difference

At Aegis, we rely on the principle that patients come first.  We know that our success as a company and as individuals is achieved only through the success of each patient.

In order to ensure that our patients are always top priority, we hand-pick those employees who have a deep love for and want to make a difference in each patient's life.

Whether it be Home Health or Hospice, we are determined to provide you with the best health care available.

Who is Aegis?

Aegis is founded, owned and operated by individuals in the area.  We began serving in and plan to continue this relationship for many years to come.

We have developed our careers as health care professionals in to be able to serve you on an individual and personal basis.

Our doors and phone lines are always open, so please contact us with any questions you may have.

Our Mission

The Mission of Aegis is threefold:

First: To make sure each and every patient obtains the very best health care possible.

Second: To become an extension of your physician's office by becoming proficient in their specific specialties.

Third: To be a "hospital without walls" by providing nursing care, therapy & physician supervision all in the privacy of your own home.

Our Services

Aegis provides many in-home services.  Among these include skilled nursing, therapy, & physician supervision.

We incorporate a team approach to your medical care, with you and your loved ones as a key part of that team and we will ensure that the right balance is found to minimize symptoms and maximize function and quality of life.

For a complete list of services that Aegis can provide you, click on our services link.

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